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Hardwood, Laminate, and Tiled Floors in New Orleans, La

Make your home beautiful and reflect your taste by selecting flooring choices like, hardwood, laminate, or tile floors from Carpet Network Inc. & Renovations in New Orleans, La. Let our expert team help select the best flooring option for you.

Hardwood Flooring Services, Over 20 Colors, Starting Price $6.95 Per Foot.

Select your wood for color, texture, size, and hardness. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and brings out the natural beauty in your home. They never go out of style, last for years, and can be repaired easily. Contact us for your floor installation!

8.33mm Laminate, Hand Scraped, 25 Year Warranty, $5.29 Per Foot, Fully Installed Over Quiet Step Padding.

Enjoy years of performance with a durable, affordable laminate. Laminate comes in a vast selection of styles and grades to accommodate any residential or commercial application. Laminate is water resistant and low maintenance.


Sustain the environment and stretch your flooring dollars. Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly, natural, and durable flooring option.


Choose a carpet that fits your home’s furnishings and your family’s tastes. Your carpet can be a sophisticated plush or a purposeful Berber or even a laminate carpet, in any color or pattern imaginable.


Customize to your heart’s content when you choose tile flooring.  We have thousands of colors, shapes, sizes, and glazes to help you find the perfect tile. Tile is especially well suited for areas exposed to moisture. We also provide custom showers. Ceramic tile prices starting at $6.90 per foot, fully installed.

Tile comes in materials including:

• Ceramic

• Marble

• Slate

• Granite

Variety of Tile

Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Flooring Fully Installed, Wall to Wall Installation $27 Per Yard.

Your new vinyl floor repels water and scuff marks just like the vinyl of yesterday, but its design options and durability will please any homeowner.

Area Rugs

Lower the cost of your utility bills when you use area rugs, which help insulate your rooms. Adding an area rug is an affordable, easy way to change your flooring.

Home Renovations, Roofing, Siding, & Painting Services!

Let our experts handle all your roofing, siding, and painting.  We offer interior and exterior painting services for all residential customers looking to improve the look and feel of their home and commercial business looking to entice customers to enjoy an relaxing atmosphere. Call us to discuss your home renovations project.

For more information on flooring styles, please visit some of our manufacturers’ websites:



Drop by today to request more information on hardwoods, tile, laminate, and other flooring types available.